Sunday, February 24, 2008

January BJP finally done!

Well, it's been another busy month, with one thing and another grabbing for my attention. January's BJP page started out with an idea in mind: "finding the center" and I had a cool recycled fan cover from inside a computer to use as the centerpiece. Nice, but the page continued to resist and even at times repel me....until I finally let go and played with hearts! hehe....must have something to do with my life in general, but we won't get into that here. Anyway, the final title is "It's not always ABOUT the center." Let's give props to the heart, which is NOT centrally located, I think, either in the body, nor in the mind. No bracelet this month either....too much else on my plate.
February's page is begging me to start it, but I have some contracted things to do first. Tomorrow will be time enough to start.
Cheers all...from what I've seen the work continues wonderfully!