Sunday, September 19, 2010

New pouch finished

This week's creation (while I was waiting for some supplies to come from Steve for a big project) is a little pouch I call my Aztec Princess. It's my favorite four petal design (which when worked up in a tiny pouch is called a pollen pouch), about six inches long, sewn together with picots of transparent red size 11 seedbeads, and embellished with a polyclay face surrounded by gold plated charlottes and the luscious peacock dagger beads I picked up at Betcey's Beyond Beadery open house this year, and topped off with some transparent red nailheads that I got from my buddy Mary.
Man, that commercial brain tanned leather is like 'buttah'! Gotta get more of that.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Finished rattle embellishment

Steve bought a rattle at Indian Market and left it with me to do some beaded embellishment. He gave me freedom to do what I wanted with it, so I did. I worked up a peyote bird and bear print pattern on the handle, added brass cones and green deltalium to the fringe at the bottom of the handle. Then I made a netted cover for the gourd, with jasper bears dangling from the netting which increased the intensity of the rattle sound, and changed the red horsehair topper for a blonde horsehair topper. I think it turned out well.