Sunday, January 11, 2009

Winter Break

I've been lax with my BJP pages while my son has been home for winter break. We've been having a rather relaxed, fun time, venturing out for the occasional movie (we saw the Day the Earth Stood Still, which I liked, and then saw Benjamin Button twice, which we both loved, chick flick or not!). I've been catching up on a ton of orders from people I work with, and today I managed to make a new necklace that is similar to one I'd made several years ago and sold somewhere along the way. It utilizes fairly large French sequins in a lovely light oxblood color and some old pawn silver beads and turquoise heishe I had in my stash. I've also been working on a series of Swarovski crystal bracelets that people are grabbing up at a surprising rate for a bad economy and after Christmas time. But the BJP pages from December and January are starting to beckon to me, so I'm thinking I'll be getting productive on them as soon as Jake heads back to college.