Monday, July 4, 2011

Jerry Ingram showing at Michael Henington Fine Art Gallery

Fantastic quilled warshirt

Beautifully beaded chief's blanket.

My friend Sally's husband Jerry is a well known artist in both paint and traditional Native American clothing and leather goods. He has recently placed a selection of his work at a new gallery in Santa Fe, and the display promises to be stunning once it's all arranged and hung.

Jerry working on hanging his newest war shirt-beaded and painted deerskin.

Full headdress mounted on top of a painted rawhide headdress case.

If you're anywhere near Santa Fe, (which is up and running and not as smokey as the national news would have you believe), this gallery is well worth a visit. Located at 416 Agua Fria, there is even PARKING! There aren't any pics up on the gallery website yet, but that will change in the next week or two.

A wall of Jerry's paintings and beadwork.

I managed to get some pics of some of the pieces, and I wish I was a better photographer, but you might get an inkling of the scope and beauty of his work from some of the pics.

Beaded and painted lance case (the head of the case is fully beaded)

Beaded and painted leggings

Detail of beadwork on a pair of leggings

Painted rawhide parfleche headdress case.

Beaded red chief's blanket.

Detail of beadwork on blanket.

Painted rawhide shield.

Beadwork detail.

Many of Jerry's works will be offered for sale at the Santa Fe Indian Market in August.