Monday, June 22, 2009

Actual beadwork being done

I've been working on some loomed strips for fancy dog collars, and should have some pics in a few days. Love using the versa loom! No pesky warp threads to contend with. Also acclimating myself to a new laptop, an apple macbook pro, my first apple and it's a bit of a transition, but so far very, very nice. Luckily BeadTool is available for macs, so I'll be buying that after the sting of the cost of the mac recedes a bit. Also working on a commissioned piece, beaded bead necklace-little tube beads in olivine and yellow 15's, with Swarovski and bali bead accents. I just finished a bracelet in the same style and sold it before I thought to take a pic. Will get a snap of the necklace before it leaves the house. Summer is in full swing here and I've been doing yardwork, trying to clear out some of the overgrowth in the back yard and am planning to trim some of the massive shrubbery in the front yard. Off to Santa Fe today for an oil change and some grocery shopping, and then home for more looming and maybe trimming. Ah, the excitement!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

One Million Can Drive

This sounds like a wonderfully positive thing to do to celebrate the 4th this year. It's an unruly disorganized sort of thing and everyone (liberals, conservatives and others) can play. Let's all work together to get the food banks filled! Yes we Can!