Friday, October 8, 2010

Taos Wool Festival

I went to the Taos Wool Festival for the first time last Sunday. I've been trying to teach myself hand spinning for the past year, and finally found a course near enough and scheduled on a day that I could actually attend, so up to scenic Taos I went. The class was great! Taught by Ruth Northrop of California, it gave me all the hints and tips and tricks I needed to become a good beginning spinner. Next year I'm definitely going to take a more advanced course from her, if she comes back.
Then I spent a bit of time at the actual festival, scoping out the many gorgeous finished pieces, watching hand and spinning wheel spinners, sheep shearers, oogling at the llamas, sheep, angora bunnies, and even a yak!

I bought some 'tops'-wool that has been prepared for spinning, some natural and one dyed and came home to play with my new toys.
I try to spin some every day (not difficult, as it's a soothing and engaging task), and can see that I've got a new craft to keep me occupied, especially on cold winter days.

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