Monday, March 21, 2011


Have I been asleep since October? Nah, just a ton of stuff involving 'life' managed to get in the way of my blogging. Things seem to be settling down now, my son graduated from NM Tech in December and is now home, looking for a job. He rolled his car on Feb. 28th while on his way to the big GDC in San Francisco, but aside from totaling the car, is fine and now the owner of a brand old Toyota Yaris. I've been working and doing beadwork, spinning and knitting, and am in the process of getting a little inventory up to put in a store of an acquaintance. Got to go to the BeadFest in Santa Fe last week and drool on all the fantastic beads. I've had a week off to deal with all sorts of busywork, and go back to work on Wednesday. Not much of a vacation, but interesting times (involving car shopping with Jake, and also with my buddy Sally, who suffered a car loss this winter). Today I'll zip in to the office and catch up on what will be a pile of refill requests from patients and some patient calls, then head on home and do my taxes-bleh. Tomorrow, in to Santa Fe with Jake to deal with a warning light on his 'new' car, and maybe catch a lunch 'out'. I'm working on a tumbling blocks pattern for a loomed piece for a beaded dog collar that I'll add to my stock of beaded stuff. Pics will follow in next post.

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